Justin Minott, “Unleashed” Kickstarter

There are only two days left for the “Unleashed” Kickstarter campaign and I’m so excited to see it all coming together! Now’s the time for you to share and support the campaign to help bring this project to life.

The process has given me the opportunity to interview some amazing people. Here’s my interview with social justice advocate and blogger, Tara Teng:


Unleashing Potential

I need your help! I get to collaborate on an important project (which I’ll be able to reveal at a later date) to help people live out their purpose. What I need from you is an honest answer to this question:

In your experience, what holds people back from reaching their potential?

Send in your responses through:

The thoughts arising from your (anonymous) answers will be part of a dialogue that will reach thousands of people, so be as honest and vulnerable as you can. Thanks in advance for being a part of this!