Together we’re making history!

It all comes down to this moment! Today, you have the opportunity to make history by helping Good Coffee be the FIRST EVER to bring life-changing coffee from Laos into North America! Here’s the official campaign:
So what can YOU do?! This is how you can be a part of making history:
1) Share the Kickstarter campaign with any human you know who loves coffee or making a difference, or ideally one who loves both of those things together.
2) Share this campaign on social media. Tag Good Coffee on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use the hashtag #goodcoffeelaos
We’ll be giving away a FREE bag of coffee to one of the people who posts the campaign photo (see below) with the Kickstarter link. Be sure to use the hashtag #goodcoffeelaos so that your name is entered!

One thought on “Together we’re making history!

  1. Jo Babin

    Good morning Justin,
    I just tried to make a donation to your kickstarter Laos good coffee — but was unable to… I selected the amount and… nothing happened – I will try again… but wanted to flag the issue in case others are experiencing difficulties as well. Good job!


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