$0.30 Bananas and Free Water

Living Below the Line with my queen :)

Justin and Natalie Minott

Already the Live Below the Line journey has been extremely thought-provoking for the both of us. We’re on Day 3 out of 5, trying to live on $1.75/day – which is the Canadian equivalent of the extreme poverty line. In the picture below, Natalie is in the zone working on Nat Nat Designs after eating part of her breakfast: a banana (that costs 30 cents) and some free water from the coffee shop where we get our work done.

Natalie at Good Earth

Thoughts from Natalie:

I’ve started realizing how impossible it is to live on $1.75. It’s crazy. It’s been hard for me even though I don’t have that strenuous of a lifestyle. Most of these people don’t go to work in an office. They exert a lot of energy and they’re very active.

It puts life in perspective and makes me think of a female in another country who’s my age. I wonder how they do…

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