Don’t Stop Now!

This is a message for those who are on the verge of giving up in the things God has called them to do for Him. Just because your progress isn’t obvious doesn’t mean your faith isn’t working. Don’t stop now. He who began a great work in you and through you will bring it to completion in His timing. The world needs what God has placed inside of you! Your obedience to not stop or give up in the things of God will change someone else’s life.

Are you a person who has lost their passion? Cry out to God to restore the passion that you lost and He will answer every single time. Are you a person who is on the verge of giving up on God’s mission? Tell God how you feel and He will direct your steps.

solo eyesSometimes we go through the darkest times right before the brightest light we have ever seen. In spite of what you are feeling or going through at the moment, Don’t stop now. God is with us and will never leave! Often times we give up on our ministries, marriages, relationships, Kingdom business ideas and tasks we been called by God to do when times get rough, forgetting that we can see what we been praying for if we can just hold on and don’t give up on God. Jesus has said we would have trouble and tribulations in the world but to have peace and courage (John 16:33).

We are living in the end times, the children of God needs to step out of their comfort zone and let their light so shine for God’s glory. All of creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed (Romans 8:19). Steven Furtick says it best, ”God’s power with you is only potential until you convert it into strength by faith and action.” By faith and action, you can change lives, you can be an answer to someone else’s prayer.

Don’t stop now. Finish the race. Fight the good fight and keep the faith.

~ Solomon Davies



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