I find that I hear from God very clearly before the start of an adventure: “GO THIS DIRECTION AND DON’T GET OFF THE PATH NO MATTER HOW COOL ANYTHING ELSE LOOKS.” Very clear.

Then somewhere on the journey, I start questioning what I heard. I see shiny things. Or interesting new trails. Or neat opportunities. Some of these things look so good that I really do wonder if my ears were clean when I heard from Him before the journey started. Maybe these are new opportunities from God himself???

Flying over Washington after the Covenant Awards in Vancouver.
Flying over Washington after the Covenant Awards in Vancouver.

Why is it so hard to stay the course? I find it a bit funny – and frustrating – because satan’s tactic has been the same from the beginning of time. Often the deception doesn’t take a blatant form. In Genesis, all he said to get Adam and Eve off track was something like, “Did God really say you shouldn’t do that? Maybe He doesn’t want you to have fun” (Justin’s paraphrase). It was more of a suggestion. Just planting a seed of doubt in their hearts. Did He really say [insert direction from the Lord], maybe you should [insert an idea that involves us thinking we know better] instead….

Nothing has changed. I find myself doing the right thing wondering in my mind if it really is the wise thing to do. Something like, “Did God really mean it when He said to take a weekly day of Sabbath rest? I could probably achieve more stuff if I just worked all seven days… I’ll sleep when I die!” Stupid. God built me and I’m questioning His plan for how to live the most impactful life. Or, “I know when I was praying the Lord spoke strongly to simplify my life and focus on what’s important – like my marriage – but there is so much work to be done everywhere. Maybe I’m missing out on cool stuff.” Stupid.

Never forget in the moment of chaos what you determined in the moment of clarity.

Trust Him. Stay.



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