The 6 Inevitable Steps of the Creative Process: Uncut

If you ever start anything; if you ever create something new whether it is a piece of art, a business, a new career path… anything, you will most likely walk on the following path to success. Here’s what I believe are the 6 inevitable steps in the creative process:

Step 1: This is awesome!!! 
In this exciting step, you love your idea and believe that you are the champion of the world. Impossible is nothing!

Step 2: This is challenging! 
At this point you’ve stopped talking about it and you’re more than three days into the journey of doing real stuff. You now notice some interesting new obstacles that you didn’t foresee.

Step 3: This is horrible! 
Here, everything is going wrong and you have to fight hard just to remember why you started this process at all. When you go to family functions the people that care about you tell you to get a real job. Your mind tells you the following: Worst. Idea. Ever.

Step 4: I’M horrible!
At this point you’ve gotten past focusing on the obstacles on your path and you start to believe that you’ve found the real problem: You are actually just a terrible human being. Possibly even the worst one that has ever lived. You wonder if your Uncle was right about you needing a real job.

Step 5: This is challenging! 
You have officially crawled out of the pit of self-loathing enough to see some new challenges, but now they’re slightly more exciting because you realize that there may be light at the end of the tunnel and that you really don’t smell that bad.

Step 6: This is SO awesome!!!
Congratulations! You’ve persevered to the point where you realize that ups and downs are normal and you’re so happy that you stuck with the plan. You couldn’t see yourself living a boring life ever again!


How do I know this? Because I’ve lived every stage of this process several times. Which stage am I at right now you ask??? It’s a mystery!!! Muahahaha. But seriously, pray for me.

Life is awesome, challenging, horrible, more horrible, challenging, and then SO awesome… So stick with it and enjoy the exciting ride! A completely flat roller-coaster that went super slowly and traveled in straight lines would be the most boring thing ever. Keep going.


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