What’s up with the Sun, Anyway?

sunrise-photo-minottInteresting thought of the day:

Why do we say that the sun rises and the sun sets? The sun doesn’t go anywhere! We all know that the earth spins around. At some point the place we are on the planet spins to meet the sun and then later it starts turning away from it. So a sunrise isn’t the sun rising at all. It’s us going towards the sun to say, ‘hello’. And a sun set is us slowly moving away from the sun saying, ‘see you tomorrow’ (hopefully).

It’s the same with God. We say that He is near us or that He has gone far away from us. We say that He has extended His grace towards us and later that He’s taken His grace away. God doesn’t go anywhere! His grace doesn’t go anywhere! We either turn increasingly towards it or we’ve turned away from it. We’re either spinning more towards God or propelling ourselves away from Him and saying see you later (hopefully). The main difference I see between the sun and God’s grace, though, is that turning away from God isn’t a necessary part of the day.




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