If You Chase Two Rabbits…

Learning to focus has been a challenge for me at times. My boundless energy and zest for life are undoubtedly God-given assets, yet they can double as my Achilles heel (side note: I partially ruptured my Achilles tendon earlier this year and I don’t recommend it – highly overrated). At this very moment, sitting in a coffee shop writing this blog, my mind could wander onto one of the ten fairly important tasks yet undone… or I could just spot a shiny object. When I wake up, I probably have a minimum of seven phenomenal globe-shaking ideas before my feet even hit the floor. But a person doesn’t build a reputation on what they say they’re going to do or on their lofty speculations, as great as these aims may be. The true power lies in commitment and relentless execution.

Dreaming is necessary and life-giving; however, if vision is not followed by action it will forever remain a fantasy. Aim and fire. Don’t just aim. And don’t just fire. Neither is sufficient on its own.

Once we’ve got this down, the next key is consistency. Consistency is painfully un-glamorous. And this has been my area of learning for the last couple years. I’m a fire starter, not always a fire sustainer. It’s great to be high-energy, but that energy must be harnessed or else it will be a whirlwind rather than a windmill. I’m still getting there.

“Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful man who can find?” ~ Proverbs 20:6

Whatever you’re doing, be all in. Be completely and fully present. If you’re working on multiple projects and the idea of working on just one thing for more than an hour seems as unbearable to you as it does to me, just close all other windows on your computer and put away the book you were simultaneously reading… then after one focused hour, reward yourself with ten minutes of day dreaming. Do one thing at a time. And do it with all of your might. Sometimes I’ll remember something else I had to do and I’ve learned to just make a note of it and stay on task. It’s enough to scratch the itch. Try it.

Thanks for tuning in! This focused blog-writing time has been great… let’s go ride bikes.

“If you chase two rabbits, you will surely lose both.”

If you chase two rabbits - Justin Minott


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