A GOOD Opportunity

Justin Minott in BurundiSummer means a lot of things to different people. For most Albertans, summer is the month of the year that there’s only a 5% chance of snow. In the past three years, summer for me has meant a trip to Burundi and Rwanda with Souls of the Feet… and excitingly this summer will continue suit :) It makes my heart overflow with joy to bring people that I love from Canada to meet people that I love from the heart of Africa. The thing that never ceases to amaze me is how these adventures continue to transform so many lives, of course the lives of our friends in Africa, but especially the lives of the people that go on the trip.

Here’s where you come in: I need your help getting the team there! This year you can support the trip and make your taste buds do the happy dance at the same time. Go on the Good Coffee website and get a coffee subscription using the promo code “justin2014”. You’ll get a 10% discount and an additional 10% will go towards supporting the team that is going to Burundi and Rwanda. If ever there was a time to feel extra good about drinking coffee it’s now.

Click the link to be a part of this: www.goodcoffeeco.com


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