The Big Announcement!

This may be the very moment you’ve been waiting for! It’s the time of the year when I make a big announcement and reveal the juicy news that has kept everyone on the edge of their seat. You’re probably saying, “Justin, tell me! I’ll pay you any amount of money as a ransom if you will only stop withholding this life-changing information! The suspense is killing me and I can’t take it anymore!” First, thank you for your kind offer, but I must decline due to the principles at work here. And second, I’m sorry it’s affecting you this way. I don’t want anyone to die on account of built up curiosity so please be careful.

Get your popcorn ready….

It’s OFFICIAL!!! I’ll be wearing super-swaggerific-suit #3 to the Souls of the Feet World Tour Gala!!! Thank you to everyone who cast their ballots to help me sort this out. It was a bit of the stressful process, but we did it together. Now, unfortunately, I can’t show you the suit. You’ll have to come to the event to see it. But I will give you a teaser piece of information: A part of my suit is being imported from London, England because it’s the only place I could get it. Put that in your British pipe and smoke it!

Justin Minott Bow-tieTo the right of your screen is last year’s suit to keep you appeased you until April 26. This year’s event is going to be ridiculously amazing…and the suit: legendary. Looking forward to seeing you there! You can get your tickets online at:




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