A Fasted Lifestyle

We all know in theory that it’s good to have everything in moderation. But this is rarely the case for most of us. It’s way too easy for things to get out of control in our lives. When most of us talk about moderation, we automatically think of the “bad” stuff we’re supposed to avoid, like drinking too much tequila or eating big macs too often. I think there’s a lot more we need to be watching out for, things that are not always obvious.

Technically speaking, anything that robs us of intimacy with God or that takes our focus off of the things that matter is an idol… and God doesn’t take idolatry lightly at all. He wants all of us. My last post was about working too much. That’s one area that I struggle with. And I feel like I struggle in more areas than most. I have a tendency to overdo it often. I really only have two speeds: on or off. I don’t do medium very well. I’m either all in or not there at all. It’s a strength of mine when I have my priorities straight, but a major weakness when I don’t.

So here’s my small piece of advice for you… and for myself. It’s much better to live a fasted lifestyle rather than just fasting from chocolate once a year for lent. What I mean by that is that anytime we find something taking too much of our time or our mental space, I think it’s wise to take a break from it, however short. If you are overworking like me, try not checking your email at all for a day. If you find that you need to watch T.V. or you’ll die, it’s probably time to turn it off for a few days. If you find that you can’t help but check your phone every two seconds and you can’t even have a proper conversation with the people you’re physically with, leave it at home. If you start craving other people’s approval, go out of the house a few times without spending an hour getting ready. For me, I’ve been finding myself on social media way too often these days. And I justify it because a lot of it is work related… but let’s be serious, we can justify anything.

Anytime you feel something getting a hold of you, make sure you put it in its place. There is really nothing in this world that is so important that it can’t survive a day without you or vice versa. You’re not God. And speaking of Him, He’s the only one we truly can’t live without.

That’s all I have to say about that for now. As part of my attempt at a fasted lifestyle, I’ll be off of all social media until Monday. It’s going to be so peaceful!!!

Andrew and I from Maelus
Andrew and I from Maelus

Last thing, you’re invited to my birthday party next Thursday if you’re in or around Edmonton, Alberta. You should all know by now that I can’t do regular things for my birthday. And seriously, don’t worry about getting me anything. Just be there! There will be a few bands playing, including Maelus which I’m a part of. Here’s the link for tickets and info: March Madness Birthday Bash.

Love you all! See you again on Monday!



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