Oasis – A Poem by an Anonymous Friend

A poem about walking through desert times:

“…a man walks

the sun burning, far away in a blood-red sky.

Clouds of hope a brief reprieve from searing knives
lingering fragrance of gentle exchange imagines an oasis…
Sparkles of Sage emeralds, glistening within dunes of burning grains
he walks stronger, farther, taller.

Let it rain, let it rain.

The sun is growing slowly golden, lowering on filaments gently softening
a bird rising high above the clouds dives and climbs again and again…

Grace is uncommonly lovely, lingering wings of peace
Floating, diving, swooping free, lifted on sweet soft thermal flows
Resurrected Truth cuts darkness, shunning lies utterly for good

Intuition offers intrigue, warmth sensitive time-filled flowers of gold
Lost in clouds amongst sparkles of sunshine
dying to live, dying to give…love in portions, bit by bit
potions of sweetness, elixir to pain

falling, falling, falling…

a fresh breeze lands the bird on a mountain
clouds are gone, no shadows prevail
for none shall ever

Let it rain, oh let it rain,
rivers rush as mountains quiver
freedom to everyone who shall see
Let Love Reign
Forever and eternally.”

~ Anonymous




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