An Overdue Update from Me to You.

In reviewing the last year of blogging, I realized that I don’t post about what I’ve actually been up to often enough. With this update, now is definitely the time for it. In just over 42 hours from the time I post this, the Good Coffee launch campaign will be wrapping up. It’s been an incredible journey for me already. It all started (as most things do in my life) with a passion to make a difference, which developed into an idea that I have the privilege of stewarding by the grace of God, which is now turning into tasty coffee beans brewed into people’s cups, and these beans are transforming communities. This video will be much more exciting than me typing it all out, so just watch it:

Visit the Kickstarter campaign to be a part of this delicious revolution:

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me at every stage of my life. I’m surrounded by love, and for this I’m deeply grateful.




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