Top 10 Upside-Down Ideas

The following is a simple list of things that I think we humans are wrong about often:

1. Needs vs. wants. Too often we spend money we don’t have to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t even like.

2. Happiness. The pursuit of happiness doesn’t actually get you happiness. Happiness isn’t even really the point of life. Pursue a life of meaning and purpose, happiness will follow.

3. Security. We don’t actually get safety by playing it safe. Taking wise chances is the only way to reap meaningful rewards.

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4. Failure. A fear of failure might be one of the most detrimental fears in the whole world… mostly because what we consider failing is actually the root of progress. Try. And persist.

5. Love. The way to get love is to be open to it and to freely give it away, not to chase everybody away and close yourself off for fear of being hurt. And love yourself; you deserve it.

6. Priorities. Some things that can be measured don’t matter and some things that matter can’t be measured. I wonder why no one asks for their possessions on their deathbed… Keep God first and everything else sorts itself out.

7. Success. Success is nothing but a state of mind and the ability to reach your purpose.

8. Time. This is the one resource we spend that we can never get back. Every moment counts and every moment is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

9. Richness. When we limit our view of what it means to be rich to only include possessions, we rob ourselves of things that truly matter. Wealth is found in our ability to give and love deeply, not in getting and hoarding.

10. Identity. Our identity isn’t found in how much we have, how much we can bench-press, how many people like us on facebook, our appearance, what happened to us in our life, our title at work, or anything like that. Who are you at your core when all of your accolades and excuses are stripped away?

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