Hope… continued.

I enjoy being disconnected from technology for periods of time, but I find it very difficult to write a blog without using it. It’s taking me an extra long time to type today because I’m using a keyboard that has a whole bunch of the characters and letters scrambled around in different places even though they appear to be in the same spot on the keyboard. It’s a surprise almost every time I press a button, which is entertaining. Oh well, that’s a small inconvenience. I’ll continue on because I feel like the reward of getting this written down outweighs the inconvenience of it taking me much longer than it should. This said, I’m not quite sure why I’m still elaborating on such menial facts when typing is proving to be this difficult and my time on the web is highly limited. Maybe just for the challenge. Yes, I think so.

I’d like to pick up where I left off with my last entry (“Hope…”). Here are some more thoughts on the idea of hope:

1)  Hope is like light. A seemingly negligible amount of light can permeate deep darkness. It’s not too noticeable when a small bit of darkness enters an otherwise bright room, but it is terribly evident when even the smallest amount of light begins to advance against the thickest darkness. Hope, too, with only a glimpse of it has a way of penetrating the most dire situation.

2)  Spreading hope is quite simple. Because like light it only takes a small amount of hope to dramatically affect a situation, we can have make profound impact in spreading hope when we seek to be intentional about it and capitalize on potential hope-filled moments. Simple gestures like smiling at someone could brighten a horrible day and encourage them want to keep going on. Too often we let beautiful moments slip by because we think the person will think we’re weird for asking them how their day is going or for saying hello. Don’t let irrational fears like this hold you back from changing your world. Whatever the benevolent gesture, you know you would appreciate it, so do it for someone else. You never know what kind of day they may be having.

I have a few more thoughts about this topic even now and I would love to continue this, but it’s definitely past that time. For now, I’ll just put a reminder to myself that the thoughts are on the interconnectedness between vision and hope and the idea of active waiting. It’s after 11:00 p.m. here in this cozy red-brick Catholic guest house in Ngozi, Burundi. God-willing I’ll be up in a few hours to read the Word and get breakfast before the team and I visit some amazing friends of ours named Hermes and Passey in the village of Busiga. I’m not even sure if I’ll have enough web-minutes to post this, so I shouldn’t push the limit… But if I didn’t push the limit, it wouldn’t quite be true to who I am. That’s why I wrote that last sentence… and this one I suppose. Until we meet again. To be continued…



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