I’m sitting in a small internet cafe in Gitega, Burundi, listening to the sights and sounds of the busy city as it winds down for the evening and trying to type a quick note on here before my time runs out on the internet. As such, this reflection will be quite a bit shorter than most of the ones that I say are going to be short and don’t end up being that short at all… Today, I’m writing about HOPE. I’m sure I’ll have much more to add to this topic at a later time, so consider this an appetizer.

After a long day of cruising the winding hills of northern Burundi, the team and I pulled in to the “Homes of Hope” orphanage just outside of the country’s second largest city called Gitega. We were greeted with the love and hugs of the beautiful children that live here. I’m a big softy when it comes to this stuff. Love makes me melt. Anyway, the word ‘hope’ has been popping up everywhere for me. I watched “The Great Gatsby”; hope is definitely the theme of that. I read “The Count of Monte Cristo”; it’s all about waiting and hope. Many more of those occurrences have happened lately, and now I’m back at the “Homes of Hope” orphanage in the heart of Africa. With ‘hope’ following me around these last few weeks, I reckon that it’s about time I try to wrestle it down and ask it what it wants from me.

Another beautiful African sunset
Another beautiful African sunset

The first thing that pops into my mind is that I don’t actually think very many people know what ‘hope’ is. Or rather, that most of us confuse the role that it is supposed to play in our lives. Here’s why I think that. In Hebrews, Chapter 11, verse 1, it says something to the effect that “faith is the evidence of things unseen, and the assurance of what we hope for.” Hope then, combined with faith, makes what we hope for a sure thing. When most people think of something they’re hoping, it seems like a distant and unattainable thing. Yet, when we put faith in the mix, the reality of what you’re hoping for should be assured in your heart even before you can lay hold of it tangibly.

Unfortunately, that’s all the time I can afford right now. The sun is going down quickly on today, but I have great hope that I will see the sun again soon. To be continued…


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