Just Do It

Sometimes what God is asking you to do makes no sense.

In the book of Joshua, Chapter 6, the people of God were getting ready to take over a highly fortified city called Jericho. Allegedly, Jericho had a huge wall surrounding it that was key to its defense. Thankfully, God’s presence was with them and He gave them instructions on how to go about taking over the land. The interesting part, though, is that these instructions had very little to do with fighting in the traditional sense. He didn’t say, “attack them at the east gate and use arrows” or anything exciting like that. Instead, God’s instructions were to march around the city in silence with all of their armed men and priests for six days. On the seventh day, they were to march around the city seven times, sound a long blast on some trumpets, and yell loudly… then the wall would come down…right.

Despite how illogical that might sound, they executed the plan. And just as God had promised, the wall came down after they sounded the trumpets and yelled on the seventh day. There is tremendous power in obedience. It wasn’t that their feet hitting the ground as they were walking caused the wall to loosen up. Or that they had a lot of bass in their voice when they shouted which caused a reverberation. This story doesn’t make sense scientifically or logically. All it comes down to is that they did what God asked them to do and God did what He promised He would do. God is faithful. There is no doubt about whether or not He can fulfill His end of the bargain. He wants to know that He can count on you. He wants to know that you’ll be faithful.

One of my good friends was telling me the story about when he got married many years ago. When he knew for sure who was to be his wife, he said to God, “You provide the finances and then I’ll propose and move forward.” God wasn’t having it. God spoke to Him and said that He would provide the finances once my friend started moving. And He did. Everything worked out beautifully and right on time once there were steps of obedience in the right direction. God is able to come through every time. He needed to know that my friend was going to move forward. We walk by faith and not by sight. Here’s a verse that gets me every time:

“He who watches the wind will not sow, and he who looks at the clouds will not reap.” ~ Ecclesiastes 11:4

It’s saying that if you’re trying to wait for what you think is the perfect time to do something, you’ll never actually get to it. It’s like those people who wait forever when they’re playing double-dutch with a skipping rope trying to time the rope perfectly. Their heads even start moving to the rhythm of the rope, it’s hilarious. Anyway, I digress. The power is in obedience to God, doing what He asks of you regardless of how illogical it sounds. Walking with God effectively requires very little creativity on our part. It’s all in the execution. Move when He says move. Stop when He says stop. He always knows best. Whatever He’s asking you to do, just do it.


4 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. shaunna

    Amazing, Justin. God must really be trying to tell me something because last night at small group we were talking about the same thing. And my devotion this morning was also related. God is so good.


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