It’s My Birthday!!!

Well it’s my birthday soon… And I need your help with something very important! Last year I asked for water to help raise funds for a great organization called H20 4 ALL. This year, I need even more participation from everyone. Together, we’re going to start a “pay it forward” movement. How this works is you do something good for three people that you don’t know and say that all you want in return is that they pay it forward. In other words, they do something good for three other people. They would then each do something good for three people they don’t know and ask them to keep passing it on. It could be as simple as buying coffee for the person who’s in the line behind you, or writing a note that says “have a great day” and giving it to someone, or randomly giving someone five dollars, or drawing a picture and giving it to them… Be creative and think of something; you’re smart people!

Here are some of the important details: I’ll be finding my three people in the next couple days and I want to be able to track this as much as possible. If the person is ok with it, I want you to get to know their name (their first name is fine) and take a picture with them. From there, I want you to send me a quick version of the story and the picture so that I can make a huge collage on my blog site of all this good happening. And ask them to do the same with the next three people, etc. You can either send the info to me on twitter @JustinMinott or email me at

You’ll need some tools, so make sure when you go out to do this you have a camera or a phone that can take pictures and a piece of paper so that you can give them the email address and twitter account. I hope I keep getting emails and tweets from different people around the world at least until my birthday next year :) Thanks for being a part of my life, family. Now go make someone’s day better!

The countdown to my birthday is in the bottom left corner of the page!


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