Looking Forward

Family, thank you to everyone who has been involved in the blog process with me thus far. I’ve greatly appreciated all of your feedback, love, and support! This will be a quick message (by my standards) to give you a few updates and to let you know how this is going to work for this year.

Justin Minott - Looking Forward2013 is shaping up to be a very exciting year already! For starters, I’m really liking this whole blogging movement, so I’m officially committing to having a new blog post up AT LEAST once a week. It’ll be up every Monday before 10 am EST. I figured because surprisingly few people actually like Mondays that I would try to brighten up that day of the week a bit.

AND…. drumroll please…. the “Fireside Thoughts” video series is gearing up to launch ridiculously soon! I’m hoping it will be ready to roll by February, so at that point there will be an episode every second Wednesday. I won’t give you too many details, you’ll just have to see it for yourself. Be on the look out, it’s shaping up quite nicely!

Before I wrap up this entry, I want to encourage you with an entertaining little story from last week. Early in the week, I felt led to post on my facebook and twitter that I needed an iPhone 4S, an iPad, and someone to help me with a video project (or to borrow/have a video camera). I find it hard for me to ask for things for myself sometimes. I have no problem asking for things for other people or for causes. I think it’s probably a pride issue. I’m working on it, pray for me haha. Anyway, because of that, I put off posting the status requesting these items until Thursday of that week. When I finally did, a good friend of mine sent me a message that day saying that I missed him by two days… he had just given away an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2 a couple of days earlier. If I had posted the message when I was prompted, I would’ve already had that blessing in my hands.

The moral of the story is: When God gives an instruction, don’t delay! Revelation without obedience does you absolutely no good. I know God is still going to provide these things and I’m thankful for the lesson, but often we as humans insist on doing things the hard way. We don’t know better than God. It’s hard to keep a proper perspective on that fact in the day-to-day living, but it’s vital to know. And maybe the purpose of all of this is so that I could encourage someone with this testimony. His way is perfect. Trust His direction. As for me, I know that He’ll still provide for my every need. God is so good. Just last night I got a text from my brother, Jonathan Hood, saying that he had an iPhone for me. One down, two more items to go. And I know they’re on their way to me right on time.

There is so much in the works these days! So many wonderful people around me using their gifts to change the world. We live in some exciting times, people. Great challenges; greater opportunities. I feel giddy when I think about it!

Given all of the epic things that are coming down the pipeline this year, I’m fairly sure that it would be in your best interest to put your email address under the “follow via email” section on the top right hand side. That way you’ll get updates when I post new entries.

Well that’s all for now. It was a quick message like I said it would be; it was the story that took time and technically that wasn’t a part of the stated purpose of this entry…. In that case, I guess all that’s left to say is you’re welcome for the bonus material. If you’re reading this, I probably love you. So know that you’re loved and have a blessed day :)


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