Saving Ricardo

This morning, as the first rays of light began to trickle into the house, a bird flew into my window. He hit it really well, too! This bird was unconscious, stunned. He had no idea where he was or what he was doing. Not knowing exactly what to do, I went outside to assess the damage. He was tiny, cute, and terribly delusional. Because I’m a lover of life, I quickly became sympathetic and scooped this little birdy up with a cozy-feeling dish towel. I don’t know how to speak ‘bird’ so I had to tell him in English that everything was going to be ok. Hopefully he understood. I named him Ricardo. Not sure why. But he looked like a Ricardo to me. You’ll see in the picture when you get there and I can almost guarantee that you would’ve felt the name Ricardo come up in your soul if you were tapped in to the natural rhythms of life. Yes. Well I took him inside the house while he further regained his consciousness, still delicately wrapped in the blue dish rag (the dish rag was clean). After surveying his surroundings this bird decided to take advantage of the gentle grip that I had on him. I was trying not to squish him, but this bird abused my generosity by taking flight all around the house and dropping little driblets of bird poop on the carpet… not impressed.  But I decided to love him anyway and not end his earthly existence with a frying pan. Instead, I patiently waited until he landed on a shelf. From there, I covered him with the towel and carefully scooped him up into my giant hands. I took him back outside because he was obviously primed and ready for flight and other birdly functions. I set him free.

Sometimes birds, and people, don’t want to be loved. Or at least they’re afraid to be loved. And in their fear, they often hurt you, disrespect you, and figuratively poop on your carpet. But it’s not because they’re horrible people. It’s because they’ve probably been hurt before or they’ve never been in a situation where someone genuinely loves them. I doubt Ricardo had ever been in a ‘people house’ before. If you’ve ever read Dr. Seuss, you know how freaked out that bird got when he went in the ‘people house’. He was scared. Sadly, people often manifest their insecurities and unleash their pain on the people that are closest to them. In those moments, where people try to run away or do silly things, love them anyway. Love is a choice; it is not just a feeling. Love is choosing to serve someone, to put someone’s needs ahead of your own, to put your heart on the line regardless of how many times they try to fly away or how many times they let you down. That doesn’t mean that you just accept unacceptable behavior. It means that when they screw up (because everyone does) you’re still there the next day… and the next day… and every day after that. If someone is stuck in a muddy situation, love them enough to meet them right where they are and get in the mud with them. Beyond that, though, you should love them enough not to leave them where they are because you know that they can be better. Sometimes loving someone means giving them space to fall and letting them learn some hard lessons. But even in that, don’t give up on them. Learn to see the potential in people even when they’re far from where you know they can be and love them through to the fulfillment of their path. Every person, like Ricardo, is built to fly. Never forget that.

Thanks for tuning in family.

I want to know what you think about all of this. Write something in the comment section!


5 thoughts on “Saving Ricardo

  1. Vanessa

    Excellent Piece Justin. It’s always a beautiful thing when we can learn lessons from typical and not-so-typical events in our life.

  2. Shamaia Veira

    Unconditional love… This is a beautiful reminder of how to love! Love is messy & hard, but should always be in the forefront of our intentions.


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