Stay Off the Highway.

Hola familia! Thanks for stopping by. In order to help set the tone right from the beginning, I would like to direct your attention to a quote from a song by a recording artist named K-OS. In the song titled “Born to Run” he says, “… if you can’t dance to this it doesn’t matter.” It’s a song about expressing what is in your soul, rather than contriving something to please the masses. With that said, I’m not too anxious about whether or not everyone is entertained by this website (although that would be a pleasant bonus). I mean, it’s not as if I really care what anyone thinks about me in any other space, but I thought it would be helpful to remind the people that know me and to inform the people that don’t. As far as I’m concerned, my job is to unleash my thoughts for the sake of the art itself. Expression in any form must be seen as an end in and of itself. It is not supposed to be a means to an end. Inevitably, genuine expression manages to engage someone somewhere because there is nothing new under the sun. Love has always been love. Pain has always been pain. And as much as the human race thinks it’s advancing, no one is exempt from being human.

People who know me know that I’m always on the move and that I’m not always good at keeping in touch. Thankfully my friends are gracious people who love me despite my many shortcomings. This is a place to keep in the loop with what God is doing in my life. I’m not presuming that my life is so interesting that it needs its own website, but I do think that some people will be able to gain inspiration, hope, encouragement, and many other tasty things from the adventures that I experience and the battles that I face. As with anything else in life, I feel the effort is worth it even if it helps one person. If that’s you, remember that you’re worth it. Also, I plan for this site to be interactive and I encourage you to post questions, comments, or anything else that’s appropriate in the comment section. Talk to me!

In the near future, expect to hear about the time I spent in Burundi, Rwanda, Honduras, and Alberta this summer. I don’t like the word ‘busy’ because it implies stress and I don’t do stress… so let’s just say it’s been a full summer.

I’m not sure how long these write-ups are supposed to be. I do what I want anyway. In closing, be willing to go against the grain. A true leader is someone so committed to their goal that they would be willing to walk alone if they had to. And by the way, the K-OS song that I wrote about earlier is worth the listen. I’ll just post the video under this for people that are too lazy to go look it up themselves.

As Shakespeare said, “This above all: To thine own self be true…”

Do your own dance; stay off the highway.

Love: Justin


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